Brake Pad Replacement Service in North Kingstown, RI

Those brake pads degrade and need changing, and you can get that done at Nucar Hyundai of North Kingstown.

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Local Hyundai Brake Pad Replacement in North Kingstown, RI

When you press on the brake, a force is transferred from the pedal to your brake’s calipers. Those calipers are pressed against the rotors, which are cylindrical parts connected to your wheel, and the car comes to a stop. However, to prevent your brake calipers from damaging the rotors or vice versa, brake pads on the calipers create the friction necessary to stop without harming the rotor. Those brake pads degrade and need changing, and you can get that done at Nucar Hyundai of North Kingstown.


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The Ins and Outs of a Brake Pad Replacement

When your car comes in for a brake pad replacement, we put it up on the lift and remove the wheels. Once the wheels come off, we have access to the calipers, which we then unbolt and swing-out so that the brake pads are accessible. We then replace the brake pads and clips to ensure your new brake pads will stay in place, and then we put everything back in its place. Just like that, your brake pads are replaced and ready to go.

The Reason Replacing Brake Pads Is Important

Brake pads, as we mentioned, sit on the calipers and are pressed against the rotor. This slowly diminishes the brake pad’s thickness, so when your brake pads are getting thin, you’re getting close to having no pad on your calipers anymore. If your brake pad wears through or tears, this can cause damage to both your rotors and your calipers and drastically reduce the effectiveness of your braking.


Scheduling Your Brake Pad Replacement

When it comes to Hyundai brake pads, you usually get between 30,000 and 70,000 miles out of your pads before they need replacing. However, this is a wide range of mileage possibilities, so it’s recommended to have experts look at your brake pads regularly and check how thick they are. Our certified technicians are professionals who can make sure your brake pads are in good condition to continue braking, and they’re ready and willing to replace your brake pads when necessary.


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Brake Pad Replacement Service

Visit Nucar Hyundai of North Kingstown for Your Brake Pad Replacement

Getting your brake pads replaced contributes to your safety and everyone on the road, especially when you use the genuine Hyundai parts we provide. We’re the primary provider of brake pad replacement for North Kingstown, West Warwick, Warwick, West Greenwich, East Greenwich, and the surrounding areas, and we’re thrilled to help you keep your Hyundai safe and sound. Come into our service center today! Call us or use our online scheduling service to set up your appointment online today!

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