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Welcome to the Nucar Cares, where compassion meets action, and our commitment to giving back shines brightly. At Nucar, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting causes that touch the hearts and lives of many, both within our local areas and beyond. Our dedication extends to a range of charitable efforts, encompassing environmental conservation, veteran support, and more, reflecting our deep-seated values and our drive to make a positive impact in the world. As we celebrate our initiatives and partnerships, we invite you to explore the remarkable stories of the organizations we are honored to support. Here are some of the great organizations the Nucar Cares program works within New England and beyond.

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Buckle Up For Life (BUFL)

Buckle Up for Life (BUFL) is a national child passenger safety education program created by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Toyota. The program’s mission is to empower families to travel safely by educating caregivers about the importance of proper car seat installation and usage. With only one in four child car seats properly installed in the U.S., BUFL addresses a critical safety issue that can prevent countless injuries and deaths.

BUFL is unique as the only national program of its kind, combining the expertise of Toyota safety engineers and medical professionals from Cincinnati Children’s. The program partners with local organizations across the country to provide one-on-one education to parents, grandparents, and caregivers. By collaborating with community leaders and churches, BUFL effectively reaches at-risk communities, making car seat safety information more accessible.

The program’s impact is significant, with success stories like increasing booster seat use by 15% among elementary students in Bexar County, Texas, and improving car seat knowledge among Latino/Hispanic youth by 90% in Carmichael, California. By empowering community members to prioritize passenger safety, BUFL continues to make strides towards its vision of eliminating motor vehicle-related injuries and deaths among children.

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Coventry Parks and Recreation

Coventry Parks and Recreation serves as the heartbeat of community life in Coventry, RI, offering a broad array of programs designed to enhance the physical, social, and educational well-being of its residents. From the lush, green expanses of Briar Point Beach and Picnic Area to the bustling activities at Lefebvre Community Center, this department ensures that people of all ages have access to enriching recreational opportunities.

Adults can engage in sports leagues, including summer basketball and volleyball, or attend fitness programs like Zumba and yoga, catering to a range of interests and abilities. Meanwhile, children and teens are not left behind, with offerings such as youth sports programs, pre-school activities, and middle school STEM programs, nurturing both their bodies and minds.

The management of diverse park facilities, including the serene Paine Memorial Park and the Ravenwood Recreation Area, provides the perfect backdrop for community engagement and outdoor enjoyment. Coventry Parks and Recreation not only promotes healthy lifestyles but also fosters a sense of community and connection among Coventry’s residents, making it an invaluable asset to the town and its surrounding areas.

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North Kingstown Wickford Little League

In 2018, the North Kingstown Wickford Little League emerged from the successful union of two proud organizations, fostering a unity that has since been a beacon of community spirit in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. This merger has not only enriched the local sports landscape but has also strengthened bonds among the town’s residents, sponsors, and young athletes, ensuring the legacy of North Kingstown’s baseball traditions for future generations.

With divisions ranging from T-Ball to Majors, the league offers a developmental pathway for young players to grow their skills, sportsmanship, and love for the game. Beginning with T-Ball, where the emphasis is on developing fundamental skills through drills and activities, each division progressively introduces more complex aspects of baseball. This structure ensures that by the time players reach the Majors, they have a solid foundation in the sport, coupled with a deep respect for teamwork and fair play.

At the heart of the North Kingstown Wickford Little League is a commitment to nurturing well-adjusted, strong, and happy children who will grow into good, decent, and trustworthy citizens. Through a blend of competitive play and skill development, the league embodies the ideals of honesty, loyalty, and respect, offering more than just a sports program but a vital community service that shapes the leaders of tomorrow.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Donation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Our Nucar locations in North Kingstown, RI, were filled with excitement as they extended their support to the esteemed Chesapeake Bay Foundation, joining the vital mission to Save the Bay!

Back in 1964, a group of visionary Baltimore businessmen, deeply connected to the waters of the Chesapeake, came together during their lunch meetings to address the looming challenges facing this precious ecosystem. Their concerns ranged from the surge of boats, population growth, and residential expansion to fish kills, inadequate sewage treatment, and grimy industrial discharges.

Throughout more than five decades of unwavering dedication, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has clung to the original, seemingly simple ideas of its founders, most notably Arthur Sherwood. One, the Chesapeake necessitates a powerful voice from the private sector, mobilizing citizens of the region to prod and assist the government in tackling the consequences of the 17 million people residing within its watershed. Two, the most effective way to educate people about the Chesapeake is to have them experience it firsthand, on its waters and within its depths. CBF’s Education Program has proved transformative, enlightening over 1.5 million individuals through 17 study centers, and it continues to grow in strength with each passing day. Today, CBF boasts an impressive community, with 300,000 members and e-subscribers, and a dedicated team of approximately 200 staff members.

The history of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation stands as a testament to our collective responsibility for the bay’s challenges, but it also shines a light on our potential to be part of the solutions. United in purpose, the members, Board of Trustees, and staff of CBF eagerly look to the future with renewed determination and enthusiasm, committed to restoring the health of this magnificent natural resource, a cherished gem enriching our region and touching our lives in profound ways.

Operation Airborne for Vets Team

Operation Airborne for Vets

DCD Automotive Holdings proudly sponsors “Operation Airborne for Vets,” a noble veteran-backed initiative with a mission to combat suicide and foster camaraderie and healing among our esteemed service members.

Project Sapient, recognized as the leading law enforcement and military podcast, has teamed up with veteran-focused nonprofits, 22 Mohawks and W&R Vets, to embark on a powerful weeklong campaign aimed at raising awareness about suicide within the military community. Their journey commences in Boston, MA, and culminates at the esteemed X-35 Airborne School, situated at 14968 SW 110th St., Dunnellon, FL 34432.

The formidable team behind Operation Airborne for Vets comprises veterans, military members, and representatives from Project Sapient, 22 Mohawks, and W&R Vets. Together, they set forth from Boston, MA, on a profound East Coast journey to X-35 Airborne School in Dunnellon, Florida, where ten deserving veterans will undergo five days of intensive Airborne School training. This remarkable effort serves to create awareness and raise crucial funds for initiatives dedicated to supporting military members grappling with mental health challenges.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from DCD Automotive Group, the veteran group will traverse from Boston to Florida in a well-equipped vehicle. Along the way, they will make meaningful stops to pay homage to past and present military service members at hallowed landmarks such as Arlington National Cemetery and the Law Enforcement Memorial.

The poignant expedition concludes at the X-35 Airborne School, where the ten veterans will undergo specialized aerial training, fostering strong bonds of comradeship and addressing mental health concerns within the military community. This impactful endeavor is a testament to the unwavering commitment of all involved to protect the well-being of our brave service members.